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About Justin Ford

Are you aimlessly searching for purpose or struggling to embrace the life you know you are meant to live? Are you tethered to old habits, haunted by bad decisions, overwhelmed by life’s challenges, enchained by bitterness, or bound by addiction? Are you looking for a way to break free from your afflictions so that you can achieve your goals and manifest your best life?

The roots of your rut may run deep, but regardless of your situation, God can give you a fresh start. Like Justin Ford, you, too, can pave a path of possibility and purpose through Christ.

After Justin dropped out of high school, he turned to a life of drugs, alcohol, and crime. He was arrested 13 times—including a felony charge for selling drugs to an undercover police officer—and he also survived a life-threatening drunk driving accident. Everyone thought Justin was a lost cause. Broken, ashamed, and plagued by addiction, Justin longed for purpose and restoration, but he couldn’t envision a way out or a way forward.

Fortunately, Justin’s journey doesn’t end with despair and hopelessness. Instead, Unleashed chronicles Justin’s road to redemption and salvation. In his book, he not only recounts how he overcame his struggles and transformed his life into one of purpose, hope, and success; he also shares his 7 Key Principles of How to Break Free and Break Through, a blueprint that will transform your life, help you break free from the things holding you back, and incite you to live the life you were created to live.

Get ready to be UNLEASHED.

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